In-Vehicle Mobile Video


您可以利用 Iveda 提供之產品與服務應用在任何的行動車輛上,以增加安全、減少風險,IvedaOnBoard 允許我們的客戶即時動態評估現場活動,並在我們的數據中心安全存儲的影像。這種不受限制的監控解決方案,利用廣域網(WAN)的數據服務,如手機、無線網狀網路和無線網路。

.Enhance existing mobile DVRs with live video
.Centralized access to one or thousands of mobile or stationary surveillance cameras simultaneously
.Full access to Iveda's Managed Video Hosting and Real-Time Surveillance services
.Access video from any Internet enabled mobile device in real time

執法單位 - Law Enforcement

  • Support officers in real time
  • Real-time assessment of in-progress events from the field
  • Enhance response to assist officers in distress
  • Re-transmit live or archived video in real time to any number of supporting first responders
  • Improve dispatch visibility to better support officer calls from the field

學校運輸 - School Transportation

  • Real-time monitoring of student behavior, deterring bullying and vandalism before the situation gets out of control
  • Support and monitor driver accountability
  • Assess passenger safety and security in real time, anytime
  • Support the enforcement of stop sign and signal laws with real-time law enforcement access capabilities
  • Allows real-time assessment of any situation by another staff member back at base while driver pays attention to the road

大眾運輸系統 - Transportation Systems

  • Monitor bus lines and rail transportation
  • Enhance passenger and public safety with real-time situational awareness anytime
  • Monitor in real time for potential threats or accidents
  • Maximize emergency response and efficiency with real-time assessment of reported incidents
  • Direct video links available to any appropriate first responding agency

車隊管理 - Fleet Operations

  • Increased visibility of your drivers on the road or at a work site
  • Deter moving violations of your drivers
  • Inspect and reinforce professional driver conduct and accountability in real-time anytime
  • Improve driver safety, productivity and performance with real-time visual inspections on the move
  • Deter internal theft and fraud
  • Minimize risks and maximize business results
  • Centralized visual assessment of entire fleet while they're in motion
  • Visually monitor contract staff in real-time as your vehicle is in operation